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Beijing Biotechina Environment Corp., Ltd. Foundedin 2001, Beijing Biotechina Environment Corp., Ltd. is a technical companyregistered in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park with its registeredcapital of RMB 35 million. Being one of the National Hightech enterprises andone of the Zhongguancun key governmentfostering enterprises, on June 8 th ,2010, the company went listing at Zhongguancun New Three Boards (stock code:430068, stock abbreviation: Biotechina Environment ). Based on petroleum,chemical as well as municipal industries, the company has been fully engaged inmaking breakthroughs to solve technical problems in environmental protectiondomains, providing integrated solutions to environmental issues. Centering onits selfdeveloped technologies, such as catalytic wet oxidation(CWO) process ,industrial wastewater zero liquid discharge(ZLD) process, oily sludge treatmentprocess, a comprehensive and integrated service system, ranging fromengineering design, technology research and development, project consulting, projectconstruction, system integration to operation management, has been built up,thus enabling us to provide our customers with a one-stop service featured by environmentalfriendliness, intensivism as well as professionalism.


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